RacerMate One™ for Velotron – Free License & Digital Download


**This version of RacerMate One is for all Velotron users &  CompuTrainer users having trouble registering any prior versions (v4.0.x)**

This version does not require registration and therefor may be a good option for CompuTrainer users who have trouble registering a 4.0.X version of the software. Aside from that, all other changes only apply to Velotron Users – bringing full compatibility with the Velotron platform.

Download and install the main program like you would with any program. We also recommend installing Visual C++ redistributable when the installer prompts you to. If you don’t have this, then the software will not function properly.

⇒  Main Program: RM1 Version Setup

Download the version Update below, unzip the file then run the update installer to update to RacerMateOne Velotron Edition.

⇒  Version Update: RM1 Version Update Installer


Register RacerMate One to Remove All Limitations

When you first open the program, if it has not been registered, then it will prompt you to register.

ONLINE REGISTRATION – If an Internet Connection is Detected

1) If the software detects an internet connection, then you can register directly from within the program. You will have to choose whether you are a new user, or if you already have an account. If you’re not sure if you already have an account, or don’t remember which email you used in the past, then you can find out by requesting a password reset as described in the next paragraph. You’ll either get a message saying “An email with your account information was mailed to example@example.com. Use the received data for logging into the shop.” or “Email does not match. Please correct.” The first message indicates you already have an account with that email. The second message indicates that you haven’t set up a registration account with that email.
2) If you’ve lost your password and need to have it reset, or if you just want to check if you already have an account with a certain email address, then head to our Online Registration page and click “forgot password” in the blue box on the right. That will prompt you to enter your email address, to which it will then send a password reset link.
3) If you have an account, and you need to find your CD key that you’ve registered in the past, then login to the Online Registration page, and go to the “Registrations” tab. That will list your past registrations including the CD key. Each CD by default has 2 registrations available (must be with the same email address on both registrations). If you’ve used both, don’t sweat it! Just grab a new free RM1 license (CD key) from the list in the next section.

OFFLINE REGISTRATION – If an Internet Connection is NOT Detected

1) If the software does not detect an internet connection, then it will provide instructions for manual registration. Here are the basic steps to register manually:

a) Write down the Hardware ID Key that the software provides.
b) Use a device (computer/phone/etc.) that is connected to the internet, and login to our Online Registration page.
c) In the blue box on the right, click on Sign In and log into your account. 
d) Click the Product Registration link. Here, you can enter the Hardware ID Key that the software provided, and your CD key. If both are entered correctly, then the page will give you a new key, for offline registration,  which you will need to enter back in RacerMate One.

2) If you don’t have a CD key, you can try one from this list of CD keys that I’ve made available to use for free. There are more than 50,000 keys in the document, and all of them were unused at the time the document was created, so there should be plenty to go around. If you happen to pick one that has been used by someone else since then, you can pick another from the list until you find one that hasn’t been used.