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Support for your Velotron® in the way of software updates is typically limited to software currently being developed on. Once software becomes obsolete (Legacy Software) we may still leave it on the site as a service to our customers who may need it, but the support available to you may be limited only to this. You are welcome to contact us regarding use of Legacy Software, but be aware that the support of this software is very limited.

RacerMate Software System Requirements

Please read this page for RacerMate One, Velotron, and Real Course Video software requirement information.

Velotron Software Downloads

RacerMate One is a replacement for all previous software applications created for CompuTrainer & Velotron. RacerMate One is a work in progress as time and funding allows. 

Current Version of RacerMate One: v4.1.0.6

This RacerMate One v4.1.0.6 Update fixes a bug that causes the program to crash every time it starts up, after having edited the VT gears to add an 11th REAR COGIn RM1 v4.1.0.5, after you add and save an 11th Rear Cog, the program will no longer run - it will crash every time, shortly after trying to open/launch RM1. This leaves you with no way to get back into the program and adjust the settings needed to prevent it from crashing constantly on load. 

There are 2 solutions for this issue:
  1. Recommended Solution: Update to the latest version. Download, unzip and install RM1 v4.1.0.6. This is a full install and does not require an existing installation of RM1.
  2. RM1 v4.1.0.5 Recovery: To restore normal program execution, without upgrading to v4.1.0.6, delete the file "RM1_RiderDB.xml". Assuming default settings, this file is located in "C:Users(YOUR USER NAME)DocumentsRacerMateSettingsRM1_RiderDB.xml". After deleting this file, the next time you start RacerMate One, it will automatically re-generate "RM1_RiderDB.xml" with default settings. 

Note: This 2nd option is only for people wanting to recover normal operation of RM1 v4.1.0.5, and while usable, if an 11th Rear Cog is added and the configuration saved, RM1 will once again crash on loading until you either repeat these recovery steps, or install the newer v4.1.0.6 version. 


  1. Download the Stand-alone Installer by clicking the following link: RacerMate One v4.1.0.6 Setup
  2. Unzip the file and run RM1_4106_setup.exe to install. 
  3. ANT+ SUPPORT NOTICE: (This applies ONLY to RacerMate One, versions 4.1.0.xThere is NO ANT+ patch available for recent versions of RM1. DO NOT install a ANT+ Patch with 4.1.0.x versions or your RacerMate One install will become unusable and you will have to re-install to restore to normal.

Support Files Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

PDF created from the Help System Courtesy of Ray Ruyack RM1 Manual (PDF)

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Until RacerMate One is a replacement for all previous Velotron software applications, the following links are to support the current software supplied with Velotron. The exception will be for Wingate software, which the only update you will see is a patch for and not a full version as for all other applications.

Download here – released 3/12/2009
Velotron 3D Software Manual
The above link is a full version of Velotron 3D. If you have an older version, please replace it with this version.

Velotron CS
Download here – released 12/23/2008
Coaching Software Manual
The above link is a full version of Velotron Coaching Software. If you have an older version, please replace it with this version.

Vergo Metabolic Controller
Download here – released 12/23/2009
Vergo Software Manual
The above link is a full version of Vergo. If you have an older version, please replace it with this version.

Wingate Software
Download here – released 7/15/2010
Wingate Software Manual"
The above link is an update to Wingate. If you already own a copy of Wingate, but need to download the full version please request a copy via email.

The stand-alone applications of Real Course Video have not needed any updates prior to their inclusion into RacerMate One. Technically, the versions found below are “legacy software applications” in regard to development work. Because users of RacerMate One require this legacy application to register each video (until what time RacerMate One can also register videos), it is still being shown within the current software support links.

RacerMate One Real Course Video features (over legacy version) are as follows:
•Two-rider split screen.
•Better control over start and ending of course.
•Able to select a section of video and ride multiple laps of that section.
•Better control of video sizing/scaling.

Reason to maintain use of legacy Real Course Video:
•Video registration.

Full Velotron version with sample video
Release date: Nov. 25, 2008
Download here

This is the same version supplied on the Real Course Video discs and can be used to try the software out on the computer before purchasing an actual video course.

Misc. Course Fixes – Zipped
Kona (created Apr. 24, 2008)
Lake Placid (created Feb. 27, 2009)
Wisconsin (created Apr. 2, 2012)

Unzip the file into the appropriate video folder to replace the old files. Current video (after the above dates) contain these fixes, so check the dates if you are unsure – or just install them to be sure.

IRCV Manual – PDF File

Support Files
Latest Xvid codec
(This may be required for Windows 7 or Windows 8 support)

2008 version of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)
Download Link

Real Course Videos Forum Link

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Other Downloads

Documents included with the software
Click here to go to the library (Documents on PDF)

Legacy software is any software product that has reached end-of-life status at RacerMate. End-of-life status simply means we are no longer developing or supporting new installations of this software. We supply these simply as a courtesy for customers who need them to maintain a previous installation on the same computer it was originally installed, but have lost the original disc. Because software often changes due to needs newer systems require, but older systems don’t get, older software often starts to fail at an increased rate when installed on a newer computer. As such support for it may not exist, other than to suggest getting the newer software, which was designed to run on the newer systems.

As a result of the above, users of legacy software may be required to upgrade to RacerMate one by purchasing it from our Upgrades page if they have an issue running legacy software on a newer computer.

Once software has reached end-of-life status, most support for it will end for all but the most basic installation questions. Users can also access our web forum to ask questions or search for answers previously posted. You can go to our forum here: RacerMate Forum.

Below you will find links to the last full versions of the legacy software. Installing these on computers newer than Windows 7 may result in unfavorable results, so proceed at your own risk with these.

Topo/GPC Course Creator, Version 2.0
Build March 31, 2008 – Size: 2MB
Download here

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An FTDI-based adapter has been standard with CompuTrainer beginning in December 2008, at which point all in-house support for the Sewell adapter was suspended – except as noted below. The first FTDI USB-to-Serial adapter is recognized by the tan and blue housing with blue lights flashing when in use. The custom FTDI-based adapter, which now ships with all new CompuTrainers began shipping as of January 2009. It is recommended when any upgrade is made to include the RacerMate One software.

This driver executable is the same for all operating systems and will correctly detect and install the driver for the operating system you have.

Approved FTDI-based USB Drivers
This driver is the same for all FTDI adapters:
Approved Windows™ FTDI Driver

Note: Beginning with Windows™ 7, FTDI drivers are part of the drivers supplied with the Windows™ operating system and from Windows™ Update.

If you own an adapter older than Type 6 (current FTDI generation is Type 7) and you are experiencing connectivity issues, we highly recommend upgrading to the Type 7 FTDI USB Adapter.


CompuTrainer™ and Velotron™ are both “serial devices” designed to communicate to the computer via a serial port. CompuTrainer™ was originally released having a 25-pin serial port, and then later a 9-pin serial port.

As serial ports began disappearing from computers and USB became dominant, RacerMate began using USB to Serial adapters – retaining the 9-pin adapter as well. Initially Prolific-based USB adapters were used and a shift was made to FTDI-based adapters due to poor support (from Prolific) for Windows™ Vista. FTDI was then commissioned to design an adapter specifically for our needs – eliminating the 9-pin adapter. This adapter is still in production.

You can go here to see a visual history of our HSB adapters or to figure out which adapter you have.


The Sewell USB to Serial Adapter was standard on CompuTrainer™ for about 4 years. It is recognized by the blue housing marked with the words SEWELL.


The Belkin USB to Serial Adapter was standard on Velotron™ for about 4 years until we moved to FTDI adapters. It is recognized by the hockey-puck shape and having detachable cables and power supply.


The Bafo USB to Serial adapter was black and had a removable USB cable. It was in-use for only about 1 year and was replaced due to the product being discontinued by Bafo.

Prolific Drivers

The drivers shown below may NOT be the latest Sewell/Prolific. They are the drivers we have found to be the most stable when used with CompuTrainer or Velotron™. If you have a computer running Windows™ Vista, Windows™ 7 (any version), or Windows™ 8, and you have a Prolific-based USB adapter, we highly recommend upgrading to the current FTDI-based adapters. No drivers have been found for the Prolific-based adapters that work correctly with CompuTrainer or Velotron. If you have 32-bit Windows™ Vista and use the Sewell adapter, and have the operating system set to automatic updates, the operating system may update drivers without you knowing — thus replacing the working drivers with “newer” non-working drivers; in which case you must reinstall the older drivers again, by force.

Instructions: Unzip the files into a Sewell folder you create and using the driver update wizard in Device Manager, point the driver update to the location where these file reside.

Windows™ XP (zip file)

Windows™ Vista (zip file) (64-bit Vista, Windows™ 7, and Windows™ 8 users should NOT use the Prolific-based adapter)

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